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Total Vehicle Solutions offers expert service, repairs, and advice from qualified automotive technicians with extensive experience in all European and Japanese vehicles.  
We are your one stop vehicle service centre.

 Transmission Flush        from $350*

Express Lube Service^   from $145*

  1. Change engine oil and oil filter
  2. Check all tyres: condition and pressure
  3. Check all lights and electrics
  4. Visual check underbody and suspension
  5. Check and top up as required:  brake/clutch fluids, radiator, battery, windscreen washers, power steering, transmission and diff oils.

^Please note the following conditions are NOT included at the published price for express lube service:

Diesel engines (TDI), Synthetic Oils
Four Wheel or All Wheel Drive, EXOTIC Cars


 Standard Service          from $230*  

  1. Change engine oil, oil filter and gasket
  2. Check / fill brake fluid
  3. Check / fill clutch fluid
  4. Test / fill coolant / radiator level
  5. Visual check / cooling system hose
  6. Visual check / power steering hoses
  7. Check / fill battery
  8. Visual check / air filter
  9. Check / fill transmission
  10. Check / fill diff / transaxle
  11. Check / correct tyre pressures
  12. Wurth fuel injector additive
  13. Visual underbody and suspension check
  14. Road test to 50km/h and report to client

Full Service                  from $348*

  1. Test brake fluid condition, clean and adjust brakes
  2. Test radiator cap
  3. Test battery condition
  4. Lubricate door hinges and suspension joint as required
  5. Replace wiper blades, clean windscreen & check for damage
  6. Check operation of all lights and electrics
  7. Clean and adjust brakes
  8. Visual check fan belts / vee belts

Premium Service         from $473*

  1. Test charging system output
  2. Check set ignition timing
  3. Exhaust gas analysis
  4. Wurth engine flush
  5. Replace spark plugs
  6. Replace fuel filter

 Contact us today for a quote on any specific work, or to book your vehicle in for one of these services.

*Prices are exclusive of GST and subject to change without notice.

 Prices may vary and are dependent on vehicle make and model.  

We only use premium engine oil for all vehicles.

Diesel engine vehicles are not included in this price structure

Please ask us for a firm quote.

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